Space Holder : Vessel for Transit(ion)

Space Holder: Vessel for Transit(ion) is a project I started exploring in 2020, and it came into clarity over the last few years. As the project has shifted and changed in that time, through the process of that change I’m trying to focus on what the grey area of change feels like, looks like, and ultimately can be in a medium (clay) that is also so fundamentally rooted in loss and change.

These objects grapple with the tension of holding on, letting go, and sitting in the space in between. They interact with the unsettling space of transition. I wanted to touch it and carve out time in it and to be in the now and in the past and in that grey area in between simultaneously.  I want to create a physical space through vessels that can be both temporal and permanent- personal but referential. Rooted in honoring and reflection while also hovering in the present moment and looking towards the fog of whatever could be next.

These vessels are the space between what was and what could be- the unsettling, disarming, and humbling liquefaction that destabilizes this. I want to explore if an object can be that physical transition. An object that reflects the charged and active momentum of ions. An object that holds space for this all to exist.

Each Space Holder comes with a small vial and funnel to fill with your olfactory sensorial perfume or essential oil of your choice. Scent has a way of bringing us to a place, to a memory, to a person. Fill the vial with the scent you chose with as much as you would like. When you need, take a moment and drop a few drops on the Space Holder in the small glazed indentation. Take a moment, be with the scent and the memory of whatever you have this object for, and create space. 

The intention is, once the scent is empty from your vial, then it is time to be done with the transition, and it is time to move on.

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